July 31, 2005

A World of Theft

While Sen. Frist and his cronies in the Senate were busy protecting the gun manufacturers from liability lawsuits, over in the House, Tom Delay and company were busy protecting pharmaceutical companies and doctors from liability in malpractice cases. The bill they passed puts caps on awards, and limits the amount of money someone can receive who has been hurt, maimed, incapacitated, made into a vegetable, or otherwise abused by an incompetent doctor or by the side effects of a drug.

Corporations must be protected at all costs. Not only must they be protected, we must lower their taxes, and give them as many tax incentives and government welfare programs as possible. If you can't curry favor with corporations, how do you expect to run a campaign and get re-elected?

We must also protect the credit, financial and banking industry from personal bankruptices. We wouldn't want the tragedies of families who lose jobs, have catastrophic illnesses, or small business failures get in the way of corporate profits.

In the name of profits and money, we provide worldwide subsidies for corporate global agribusinesses.

We have actually given taxpayer money to corporations like McDonald's, Gallo Wines, M&M/Mars, and Campbell Soups to advertise their own products.

Bush's plan to privatize Social Security is simply another give-away to the corporate world, in this case, the securities and investment industry.

"Fair and balanced", "level-playing field", "compassionate conservatism" -- code words in the right-wing lexicon that are all Orwellian lies. There is nothing fair, or balanced, or level, or compassionate about the rape of the American taxpayer. There is no genius in the strategy devised by Karl Rove to elect a President who goes about the business of stealing from his fellow citizens.

The Bush gang has made a shameless grab for power and control and will not give it up easily. There is no room in their world for democracy, debate, compromise, pluralism, criticism, or losing. When political historians and other political analysts talk about a pendulum that swings back and forth between the left and right in American history and that it surely will happen again, the Bush gang doesn't believe it. They believe in a permanent revolution that maintains them and their interests in power for as long as they can imagine.

They believe that if they own the electoral process, the Supreme Court, the money, the military, the moral high ground, patriotism, and the media, they will persevere against any liberal or progressive backlash.

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