July 09, 2005

Iran Joins Bush's Coalition of the Willing in Iraq

Iraq, George Bush's premier example of American imperial imposition of freedom and democracy, is signing a military cooperation agreement with Iran, one of the two remaining members of George Bush's Axis of Evil. Among the terms of the agreement, Iran will provide training to Iraqi military forces. Does this mean that American military advisors and Iranian military advisors will be working side by side? How bizarre an image is that? Of course, the likelihood of that happening is nil, but the fact that Iran will be joining Bush's coalition, even if by the back door, is pretty perverse.

The Orwellian nature of Bush's war becomes ever more evident by this latest development. Not only does Bush do the work of the Iranian Ayatollahs by getting rid of their nemesis Saddam Hussein, not only does he create the largest breeding ground for terrorists on earth, not only does he bog down a significant portion of American military forces in the worst quagmire since Vietnam, but he has now facilitated the coming together in military cooperation of these two former long-time enemies.

The majority of the world's Shiite Muslims live in Iran and Iraq (suppressed under Saddam). It is not in the interest of Iran to permit the Sunni Muslims of Iraq to regain any semblance of power. The radical Islam of Iran, a real sponsor of terrorism against America (as opposed to Iraq, under Saddam), now has its opening to Bush's "new" Iraq.

Al-Jazeera reports that the agreement will also involve mine clearance and helping to identify the missing people from war (presumably forensic help with identifying bodies from the many wars).

When asked whether the Americans would object to such an agreement, here was the response:

"Nobody can dictate to Iraq its relations with other countries,"
said Sadoun al-Dulaimi, Iraqi Defence Minister.

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