July 08, 2005

Republican Chairman Running Scared

Congressman Joe Barton, Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, is so concerned about the issue of global warming that he has written to three of the world's leading experts on global warming and demanded that they reveal all financial support they have ever received, the sources of funding for every study they have ever conducted, and all data archives for every study they have ever published.

Congressman Barton has never held one hearing on global warming in the eleven years he has chaired this all-important committee.

Here is a letter from Congressman Henry Waxman addressed to Congressman Joe Barton on this issue.

This bullying tactic of threat and menace is one more sign that the Republicans are beginning to run scared on this issue. When confronted with the ignorance of their science-denying corporate positions, they flail about in petulant, schoolyard behavior as a last ditch attempt to maintain their discredited lies.

Waxman's letter challenges Barton to invite these experts to actually testify. But I have a feeling Barton really doesn't want to be confused with the facts on global warming.

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jmcmaster said...

I love Henry Waxman, he is never afraid to ask questions and demand studies.