July 25, 2005

CAFTA (Central America Free To Abuse) Treaty

CAFTA is basically "corporate socialism," writes Jeff Milchen.

It's also basically one big Orwellian lie. When George Bush says to American companies, "It's going to be easier to sell your products to 44 million new customers" he actually means "It's going to be easier to make your products when they are made by 44 million new slave laborers." Corporations understand these code words and phrases, better than most reporters. Reporters just report. If George Bush said "Cigarettes, lead paint, and asbestos should be our major exports to Central America", reporters would just report it. Hey, that's what the President said, isn't it? What are we supposed to do, change his words?

Most corporations know that after CAFTA is enacted, Central Americans, who earn a little more than $2000 a year, are not going on shopping sprees for wonderful American crap that they can put into their 3-bedroom, two-car garage homes. Most American corporations know that Central Americans understand that they may have a chance to be employed by American corporations that have outsourced US jobs to them. They understand that they might be able to earn $3000 a year, and maybe afford to buy an extra pair of shoes for their children.

Jeff Milchen is from ReclaimDemocracy.org.

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