July 30, 2005

Are We Seasick Yet?

The Weekly Standard, in the face of truth and reality, is doing its level best to keep alive the lie that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin-Laden were in bed together.

Using the thinnest of tissues for support, The Weekly Standard constructs a complex of weak and, in most cases, unsubstantiated connections between various Iraqis and certain Al-Queda officials, in meetings which the 9/11 Commission has already confirmed actually took place. But what the Standard doesn't do is provide any proof whatsoever that anything came from any of these meetings that would demonstrate clear support of Al-Queda by Saddam.

While on a visit to the Weekly Standard website I saw this ad for a cruise that none of us, surely, would want to miss. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with Irving Kristol and Fred Barnes. Yummy. Someone pass me the dramamine, please.

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