July 26, 2005

Running From The Truth

Deny, Deny, Deny.

The White House has denied Senate requests for memoranda written by Judge John Roberts, Bush's nominee for the Supreme Court, while he was working in the Solicitor General's office. The White House claims attorney/client privilege. The problem is that when Roberts worked for the Solicitor General, he was not working for the President, nor for White House counsel. He was working as an attorney for the American people.

It is clear that the White House does not want the American people, nor the Democrats in the Senate, to know what Roberts wrote.

More Denials

The White House also claimed that Judge Roberts was never a member of the Federalist Society. Now we have a copy of the Federalist Society Leadership Directory that says he was a member. Roberts is not talking. It's a simple thing when you think about it. Why would the White House and Roberts lie about such a simple thing, something that no one would be surprised about, namely that he is a conservative and belonged to conservative organizations? perhaps there is more than meets the eye. We'll see.

And Yet More Denials

The Department of Defense, despite orders from a Federal judge, has decided to refuse to turn over photos of torture and murder at Abu Ghraib. The utterly outrageous excuse they are using is that to do so would violate the Geneva Conventions. As Rachel Maddow argued yesterday morning on Air America, here these guys never once admitted that anything done by the US at Abu Ghraib (or for that matter, Guantanamo or elsewhere) violated the Geneva Conventions, and now they use it as an excuse to prevent the world from seeing exactly how the Geneva Conventions were, in fact, violated.

The Denial of Denials

The White House denials (now no-comment silence) that Karl Rove committed a crime against our national security laws pales in comparison to the lies told the American people by Bush about the reasons we have sent thousands of Americans to their deaths and mutilations in Iraq. The unholy mess that George Bush has created for this country and our people is criminal and impeachable.

In a world of denials, lies, shell games, and hoodwinks, we saw the resignation of one Republican President 30 years ago. I can only hope that history repeats itself.

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