June 04, 2005

Ted Bundy to Head Battered Women's Shelter

If Bush had his chance, he would name Ted Bundy to head a battered women's shelter. And the news headlines of such an announcement would be greeted with serious debate and consideration. Talking heads (mostly men, of course) would argue the pros and cons, small groups of "liberals" would demonstrate and email campaigns would begin. But the argument in favor of Bundy would prevail -- he would keep costs down and the shelter wouldn't be inhabited that much, certainly not for very long. Not to mention the fact that Bundy (much like Bolton at the UN) would instill an aura of discipline much needed at the shelter.

Rep. Christopher Cox, as the new head of the Securities and Exchange Commission and despite all of the serious reasons why he is antithetical to the position, will keep the costs of shareholders lawsuits down and thus serves the interests of the establishment. Of course, the nation's small investors (the victims of battering?) will not be served.

Billmon shows us all the shocking evidence, highlights the lies of Rep. Cox, shows how he helped Enron's massive thievery, lists the people who own him, and generally demonstrates why this guy's greed and sleaze are such a perfect fit for Bush's idea of a great Presidential appointment. The corporatization of America's democracy proceeds unchecked.


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