June 06, 2005

The Church is the State

It bears repeating, again and again, that a large part of the corporatocracy which has taken control in this country is also suffused with a radical religious view that insists that America is a Christian nation, and should be ruled by narrow Christian dogma. The combination of these two forces with the current enabling government is an extremely dangerous force that must be defeated. This force is preying on the ignorant, the uneducated, the down-and-out, the angry have-nots, the middle and lower middle classes who are being robbed blind and don't see it. Millions of vulnerable Americans are seeking some kind of mystical guidance, an answer, a solution that satifies. What easier solution than the simple one put forward by the delusional forces of right-wing Christianity. America is a Christian nation and must be ruled by Christian ideology promulgated by Christian men, Christian laws, Christian media, Christian businesses, and the Bible. Give in to the force, people.

Harvey Wasserman, author of an elucidating and fascinating history of the United States (see it here http://harveywasserman.com/ ) writes about the fundamentalist attack on the separation of church and state.


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