August 15, 2005

"We Don't Care" is The Republican Mantra

This is conservative, nationally syndicated radio host Mike Gallagher shouting "We don't care" at Cindy Sheehan near the Presidential compound in Crawford, Texas.

What is it that they don't care about?

The fact that her son died in Iraq?
The fact that the President lied about Iraq?
The fact that almost 2000 Americans are dead in Iraq, and over 13,000 wounded in a war that had nothing to do with fighting terrorism?

Or could it be they don't care about the tens of thousands of Iraqi dead and wounded who don't get counted, and who people like Gallagher never mention?

Thanks to Yellow Dog Blog.

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jmcmaster said...

And we are up against it. While millions of us strongly support this military effort to keep our country safe from future terror attacks, there is a chorus of protesters who don't want our side to be heard. Consider the sheer audacity of believing that only the anti-war protesters are allowed to be heard and covered in the news media. To these anti-Bush hatemongers, the rest of us should be silenced, intimiated, shouted down and insulted.

Had to put up this from Gallagher's website recap of his little trip. What planet is this guy from? What a piece of work, he will shout at Cindy but notice his precious boys are in college safe and sound. Classic Republican b.s.