August 09, 2005

Civil Liberties = Ignored Liberties

The civil liberties board that Congress ordered to be set up to protect American citizen's basic rights in an era of the Patriot Act and its intrusive provisions has not even met yet. Worse, Bush provided a mere $750,000 in funding (which Congress increased to $1.5 million). Christopher Shays (R-CT) was candid about the board when he said "It's not a priority for the administration."

Providing Halliburton and hundreds of other corporate donors with war profits is a priority. Creating a huge intrusive Homeland Security bureaucracy is a priority.
Protecting corporations from personal bankruptcies is a priority.
Limiting corporate wrongful death and injury liability is a priority.
Shielding big PHARMA from competition and accountability is a priority.
Supporting the largest oil company profits in history is a priority.
Giving tax breaks to the rich is a priority.
Cutting veteran's benefits is a priority.
Reducing assistance to children is a priority.
Protecting the homophobes of the world from gay marriage is a priority.

Protecting the civil rights of Americans is definitely NOT a priority.

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