August 18, 2005

More Evidence of Bush Irresponsibility and Incompetence

History has a way of making fools of those who ignore it or try to rewrite it. George Bush is no exception. More clear evidence sheds light on just how much the Bush administration ignored the advice of its own experts.

Well before the invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration was repeatedly warned by officials at the Department of State that too much attention was being paid to the operational execution of war plans for Iraq, and not enough attention was focussed on the policing and human rights responsibilities inherent in such an invasion and in its aftermath.

These newly released documents reflect a kind of White House/Defense Department know-it-all attitude that is now being brought up short by the realities of its lack of planning. Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush ignored the advice at their own peril, and that peril is now eminently present.


jmcmaster said...

I must say my favorite e-mails are the ones from the National Security Archives. I am sifting through all the documents now, and it's no wonder this is a "cluster-fuck".

Sathiaja Sarah said...

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