August 01, 2005

This Just In!!!! The Old Media is Dead!!!!

I am glad that Cenk Uygur has discovered that the "old media" is dead. While most in the blogging world have known this long before there were blogs (I have a friend who stopped watching this mainstream drivel sometime during the Reagan years), it is heartening that more and more columnists, analysts, and liberal talking heads are discovering that the mainstream media is filled with silly little dog and pony shows like Meet the Press, owned by right-wing corporate media giants, hosted by corporate courtesans, and populated by knee-jerk mouthpieces of corporate media power. That millions of Americans still watch these shows and bob their heads is what is really scary.

I have a modest proposal. Every liberal/progressive spokesperson, talking head, analyst, and columnist simply refuse to appear on any of these shows. Perhaps the American people would get wise to their one-trick pony shows and eventually turn them off from boredom.

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