August 24, 2005

Smorgasbord of Sleaze, Part III

The US government has rejected an independent report that says there is no evidence that Iran has been working on nuclear weapons. How reminiscent is that? The US insistence that Iraq was developing nuclear arms was proven false by every independent investigation prior to the invasion, bu the US government persisted, even to the extent of using a completely phony report of Iraqi purchase of enriched uranium from Niger. Why should the Bush government behave any differently when it comes to Iran, one of the axis of evil countries?


Pat Robertson, that shining example of Christian love, has called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela.


Remember the promises of debt relief to poor countries made by the G8 in Scotland? They turn out to be a crock.


When the White House announced Bush's summer reading list, they did so seriously, as if most people would actually believe the Orwellian propaganda that it was. They really do want us to think that this empty vessel of a President is really a scholarly sort who reads thick books on history and science.


Lance Armstrong took a 17-mile bike ride with Bush and never said a word about Iraq. Just after he won his historic seventh Tour de France, this is what he had to say about Bush's Iraq war: "The biggest downside to a war in Iraq is what you could do with that money. What does a war in Iraq cost a week? A billion? Maybe a billion a day? The budget for the National Cancer Institute is four billion. That has to change. Polls say people are much more afraid of cancer than of a plane flying into their house or a bomb or any other form of terrorism." Was keeping silent about anything political in nature the trade-off for his having a chance to bike with the Prez and then praise him for his physical prowess? Whatever the deal, Lance Armstrong's reputation just took a big hit in my book.


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