August 20, 2005

Chickenhawk Cheney Compares Iraq to American Revolution

Vice President Dick Cheney, master draft dodger and chickenhawk extraordinaire, the guy who had "other priorities" when we were fighting the evil empire in Communist Southeast Asia, has firmly recommitted the United States to "victory" in Iraq. Of course, he can't describe what victory in Iraq means, because he doesn't actually have the slightest clue, and never has had the slightest clue.

This verbally flatulent, blowhard old man who is ready to send every last son and daughter (below a certain economic level, of course) to die or be maimed in Iraq, spoke to a gathering of combat veterans and said that winning the Iraq war is "critical to the future security of the U.S." Here was this mean-spirited warmonger lecturing combat veterans, hardly his equal (they are, by far, superior Americans) about war and victory. They should have tarred and feathered him.

In a crowning bit of historical Orwellian idiocy, Cheney actually compared the current situation to the "darkest days" of the American Revolution, "when the war was going badly and ragtag rebels were ready to go home until George Washington rallied them." Cheney said: "They stayed in the fight, and America won the war...From that day to this, our country has always counted on the bravest among us to answer the call of duty."

That Cheney would draw comparisons of himself and George Bush with George Washington is an insult to our history and to every American with a bit of honor and self-respect.

I would be willing to bet everything I have that had Dick Cheney been alive during the Revolutionary War, he would have been loyal to King George, and he would have taken his sorry ass up to Canada to wait until the royals won.

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