August 03, 2005

Christians on the March

Doctor Senator Bill Frist has angered fundamentalist Christian groups to the extent that they are not even inviting him to Justice Sunday II, even though it's being held in his home state of Tennessee. Frist's newfound position on stem cell research (he now favors it) and his compromise with Democrats on nominees have really irritated the uncompromising wing of the Christian Republican Party.

Justice Sunday I, as you may remember, was that lovely judge-bashing event last April which featured Doctor Senator Frist sitting at the right hand of KKK-enabler Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. Apparently, Frist was even asked by his own minister to reconsider addressing the event, but if he did, at least to help reduce the divisiveness of the event. He didn't.

Well, Frist won't have that problem this time, because he isn't wanted. He is the cause of divisiveness himself. He has committed the crime of not being in perfect alignment with the dictates of born-again Christian political dogma. If you are not 100% (and I mean 100%, buster) you can just go to hell. (Thanks to BagNotes for the photo of Frist, looking very alone.)

It should be noted that Doctor Senator Frist raised more money, in the first half of 2005, for campaigning than any other candidate, from either party. It will be interesting to see what effect his recent deviations from Christian-right maximalism will have on his money raising in the next six months. I predict it will be a significant increase.

George Bush, who is not up for election again, is 100%. He has no apparent reason to continue to pander to the ossified thinking of the Christian right. And boy, does he ever pander. Yesterday, in comments made at an interview he gave with select reporters from newpapers around the country, Bush endorsed the teaching of "intelligent design" in public schools. He wants to make sure our kids are more confused than ever. What does this tell us? Bush actually believes this stuff.

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