September 19, 2005

FEMA, Under Bush, Has Been Ongoing Disaster

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, in a special investigation, has exposed FEMA disasters that have long preceded Katrina. This is the same newspaper that called for FEMA Director Mike Brown's resignation last year.

The newspaper has outlined the terrible waste and mismanagement of this agency whose sole purpose is to assist the American people in time of natural and man-made catastrophes.

The newspaper reveals how FEMA has paid out millions of dollars in false claims, not only in Florida, but as far away as Detroit, Los Angeles and Cleveland.

The newspaper found that many FEMA employees receive little training, and that an amazing number of them have criminal records.

The entire investigative report is a sad story that presages what we face today. This story runs counter to everything George Bush and Dick Cheney have said about how safe the American people would be with them in power. It is been an ongoing national disgrace which has ultimately resulted in tragic consequences for all the people of the Gulf region, and the rest of America, as well.

There are PDF files of the entire investigative report at the newpaper's site above.

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rc/vt said...

9.19.2005: On C-SPAN this morning a caller from Oklahoma patiently explained how the real Katrina culprit is LA Governor Blanco. According to the caller, President Bush repeatedly called her office with generous offers of help, but each time she put him off by claiming that she needed time to think about it.

Additionally, the caller told us that Blanco is responsible for turning back all the Red Cross help that was poised to bring relief.

Just thought you'd like to know that the Republican spin machine, freshly lubed by Rove, is running smoothly. Apparently once again the best brain in the Republican party is still willing to turn his energy not to helping actual human beings but to shaping the flow of blame. Of course. That's why Bush put him in charge of the New Orleans reconstruction effort. Wouldn't Orwell enjoy the new meaning of "reconstruction": constructing blame?