September 04, 2005

America's Arrogant and Heartless Royalty

As of Friday, September 2nd, Vice President Dick Cheney was still on vacation.

Condoleeza "Imelda Marcos" Rice was on a shopping spree for shoes in New York City on September 1st, three days after the disaster hit.

Here is how Bush handled the catastrophe:

During the hurricane, he had a birthday party with John McCain. After the hurricane had passed, he flew to California to give a speech about how he is like George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt. He then flew back to his Crawford ranch for one final vacation day (I believe he was really pissed by the inconvenience of Katrina) , and then, the next day, left Crawford and flew over the Gulf region to "survey" the devastation on his way back to Washington DC. (no doubt, cluck clucking the whole time). Finally, on Friday, five full days after the hurricane struck, he visited the Gulf region for a brief moment, and fled back to Washington DC.

When Bush did visit the Gulf region, relief for victim's was delayed.

Laura Bush visited evacuees at the Cajundome who, as a result, had to wait to get fed.

These people look, sound and act a lot more like King George than they do like George Washington.

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