September 12, 2005

Bush's Three Strikes: A Canadian View

Republicans and Fox News insist on pointing at 9/11 as a high point for the Bush administration. George Bush rallied the people around himself in a patriotic fervor, images of the rolled up sleeves with a bullhorn at ground zero, American flags everywhere. Bush, our captain!

Afghanistan and Iraq are Bush waging his war on terror, wiping out al-Queda's refuge and training ground, eliminating the Taliban in the process, and bringing down one-third of the axis of evil, Saddam Hussein, and supposed ally to bin Laden. America bringing freedom and democracy to Afghan and Iraqi men and women.

And now Katrina, the worst national disaster in US history coming on George Bush's watch, and giving him one more opportunity to appear heroic and patriotic.

The only problem is that, in each case, Bush has failed Americans, in spite of Fox News' and Karl Rove's gargantuan efforts to prop him up.

Eric Margolis, in the Toronto Sun, explains just how George Bush has let Americans down.

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