September 13, 2005

Another Man-Made Disaster

While we concentrate on Katrina and think about all the things we, as human beings, could have done to prevent that disaster, all around us, every day, additional man-made disasters are in the making. Here is one example of the terrible devastation that we are allowing.

In Tasmania, the large island south of the Australian mainland, one company, Gunn Ltd., is clear-cut logging the oldest growth rainforest in the world.

Above is a view of Australia and Tasmania below it (New Zealand is to the right), showing just how little of this continent is covered in green growth.

Below is a photo of some of the clear-cutting in Tasmania.

Read more about it here and see more photos. It is compelling evidence of the waste of modern society, and the destruction and pillaging of our eco-system that results.


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jmcmaster said...

Capitalism isn't going to let a little thing like mother nature get in its way. What a shame