September 08, 2005

The Big Lie In One Photo

This photo is a lie. These firefighters who wanted to help people were, instead, diverted so they could have their picture taken near GEORGE BUSH WHILE HE IS ROLLING UP HIS SLEEVES. It's a sickening photo that would shame most men, but not George Bush. His handlers are masters of this kind of Orwellian lie.

John Kerry never served in Vietnam. George Bush was a Vietnam war hero. It's the same story. No one is accountable, least of all George Bush.


dante said...

And why exactly should I believe you? I mean, he could be rolling up his sleeves because it is extremely hot and humid. I don't believe he was actually planning to work. But, I would like to know where you received the information that this is a false photo. I always check sources in this Orwellian world. I check from both sides. I'm not singling you out. I am just looking for some kind of truth.

Stephen McArthur said...

He used the firefighters as props. Look at the photo and believe what your eyes are seeing.

Daily Kos

Watch the CSPAN video. Did you see the coverage of this on CNN when Bush was there?

The problem with government lies and propaganda like this is that they are designed for people to swallow them whole. It looks so good. It must be true. It's hard for most Americans to understand how these people think, and that they create lies like this. Too many people still look at Bush and think the King's clothes look great.

dante said...

Thanks Stephen: I couldn't even finish reading the Salt LAke article because it made me sick to my stomach, because it is so incredibly believable. That's the thing, none of this is really all that surprising. It's surprising that it actually happened, that this country left other citizens to die. Surprising, but not shocking. Surprising and sickening.

Sarah said...

I couldn't agree with your post more. It is apropos that one staged photo could encapsulate an entire administration, an entire worldview. But there it is, in its perfect medium, the mindless mass media.