March 13, 2006

A Self-Righteous Evil

The attack on women's reproductive health and choice is heating up with the appointments of Samuel Alito and John Roberts. Challenges to Roe v Wade are increasing everywhere, in almost every state.

When women are forced, once again, into backroom abortions, the fanatics will make them all criminals. Women's choice will be destroyed by a dogmatic Christian patriarchy, woman's health care will diminish, and women who are raped by strangers or male family members will no longer have any choice. Women whose lives are threatened by a pregnancy will die, because self-righteous men say they will die.

This woman, at left, died before she could be arrested.

These men, and most of them are men who are casting the votes, will have muscled their way into women's lives yet again, controlling them, bending them to their will, all in the name of some god who drives them to this self-righteous evil.

Thanks to Tennesse Guerilla Women


thepoetryman said...

Women... Let us hear you roar! I will back you all the way to the gates!


Anonymous said...

If you are too goddamn stupid to use contraception, maybe just stop fucking everything that moves? Wouldn't need to scrape any children out of your wombs then, and maybe, just maybe, people would start even taking you hypocritical idiots seriously. "Christian patriarchy" my ass. Maybe one out of ten thousand abortions has anything to do with rape even remotely, and we all know that.