March 04, 2006

A Chilling Story

If you did not hear or see this on Democracy Now! , read the interview here with a Veteran's Affairs nurse in New Mexico who was investigated by the FBI for sedition for writing a letter criticizing the Bush administration's failures with the Katrina response and with its Iraq war policy. Her letter to a local alternative newspaper, written by her at home, calls on the American people to "act forcefully to remove a government administration playing games of smoke and mirrors and vicious deceit."

She goes on to describe how intimidated she has felt by this action, and how her co-workers feel the intimidation, too. The logical conclusion to this kind of government response would be to investigate every American who writes about or speaks about acting forcefully to remove this President. Acting forcefully for most Americans is organizing to vote, promoting a groundswell for impeachment, letter writing campaigns about Bush's lies and deception, mass exposure of the Bush/Cheney government's illegal actions, speaking out in every forum available to bring light on this corrupt government, and writing in every newspaper, blog, magazine, and other vehicle available about the need to replace this government with one that supports the American people.

I hereby declare myself among the millions of other Americans, including members of Congress who want to act forcefully to remove this President through impeachment. I further declare that I want to act forcefully to remove Republican members of Congress in November 2006. Furthermore, I want to act forcefully to overthrow the corporate rule that has undermined and limited our democracy. Bring it on, FBI. Come investigate me and millions of other Americans for SEDITION.

Here's the real crime:

This Bush/Cheney government can't protect our ports because it's spending billions waging war in Iraq, but it does have the personnel and time to investigate some Veteran's Affairs nurse in New Mexico for speaking out against them.

[Thanks to AlterNet]


rc/vt said...

I'm with you 100%.

J.D. Ryan said...

Oh, Steve, why do you hate America and love the terrorists so much? ;)

Kvatch said... too...Me Too...ME TOO!!!! I want my one way ticket to the Guantanimo Re-education Facility for Wayward Citizens.