March 16, 2006

Crocodile Tears for H&R Block

This morning, on American Morning, Andy Serwer, CNN's unbiquitous business commentator, brought us the story of H&R Block being sued by New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer for "fraudulent business practices involving IRA accounts marketed to its tax preparation customers."

"The suit, filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, seeks $250 million in fines in addition to refunds from the Kansas City, Mo.-based accounting firm for steering approximately 500,000 customers into IRA accounts that were "virtually guaranteed" to lose money."

So, half a million innocent Americans may have been seriously hurt financially by this corporation which purports to be watching out for American taxpayer money and what does Andy Serwer say? -- It's "tough-sledding" for H&R Block. Tough sledding! Oh, the poor guy. Mr. Block, the corporate personhood that he is, must be really upset and we should feel sorry for him because he is having such a hard time. Forget the half million people who lost god-knows how much money. But let's shed tears for the corporate "person" who is in trouble.

Now there is a perfect example of how corporate personhood gets reported, gets distorted, and has become perhaps the most dangerous reality in our lives.

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