March 03, 2006

Anonymous Speaks

The thing I like least about Blogger is that people get to post comments anonymously. I would much prefer to have a dialogue with people who have the courage of their convictions sufficient to identify themselves, especially when they write in opposition to your ideas.

I recently wrote a piece entitled Denying the Holocaust and Satirizing Muhammad which resulted in the following comment on an entirely different post, but which responded directly to this one.

Anonymous said:

I just read an article where you referred to Irvin's [sic] views as 'hideous'..... here is the reality... as I see it and I've been investigating the subject for about a month .... even though the allies captures tons of Nazi documents and intercepted secret communications... there is zero documentary evidence of a 'final solution'.... there is zero physical evidence of gas chambers at Auschwitz (there is one gas chamber 'reconstructed' by the Soviets) and zero evidence of bodies at Treblinka ... all there is forced confessions and survivor testimony ... much of which is absurd on its face ... e.g. Elie Wiesel's 'Night' which has no mention of gas chambers although he was at Auschwitz.. he says the Nazis killed the Jews by burning them in pits.. absurd on its face....

This guy has been investigating the "subject," I presume he means the Holocaust, for a whole month and he is such an expert now that he can declare there is zero documentary evidence of a 'final solution' physical evidence of gas chambers at Auschwitz...and zero evidence of bodies at Treblinka." He also claims that it is "absurd on its face" that Nazis killed Jews by burning them in pits." On this last one he is probably closer to the truth because the Nazis usually shot people in the back of the head and pushed them into pits before burning them.

Here is my response to Anonymous' comment:

To Anonymous -- As opposed to Austria, in this country you can say something as evil and stupid as you have and not be prosecuted for it. You don't even have to remain anonymous to say such things. You can use your real name. But I understand why, after having written what you did, that you might not want to identify yourself. It's ok, anonymous, Americans put up with your kind of hateful garbage all the time.

Now, in response, Anonymous, employing every ounce of his vast intellectual prowess, has responded to me by peppering my blog with one repeated comment, as follows:

You're an idiot.

That's it. That's the sum total of his cognitive and forensics skills.

But the whole point of my piece, in the first place, was that Anonymous is a prime example of the concept of free speech and how we tolerate almost anything in this country, no matter how immature and ignorant.

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DecemberFlower said...

And that's why people need Blogger accounts to comment on my blogs. I don't want to deal with the hassle of people like that.