November 17, 2005

A Story the Press Seems to Find Boring -- The Loss of Our Voting Rights

I commend to you a story from my fellow blogger Hume's Ghost at the Daily Doubter -- a story that outlines, in detail, what has been happening to our most fundamental democratic right in this country, the right to vote.

He provides a link to the GAO Report which exposes the serious weaknesses and flaws in the electronic voting systems which are spreading throughout the country. He highlights the chilling list of threats to our entire democratic system of voting.

He also links to a report from Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) which summarizes the GAO Report and also lists the specific recommendations made by the GAO Report.

Our friend at the Daily Doubter says it best:

How low must the press in this country sink before the public has had enough? A story about the potential loss of our franchise, the very right to exercise our citizenship and give the consent of the governed is found to have significant flaws and the press can't be bothered to inform the people of it? Does no one understand the implications of what it means if your vote is taken from you by fraud?

Just where are all the stories about this report? Isn't this a story of national concern to the entire nation?

When I Googled the GAO Report, I found these citations in the top 50 results or so: Rock River Times, IL Consumer Protection for Voting A New Zealand website reprints the Rock River Times piece The Online Journal covered it SF Indymedia covered it Global News Matrix covered it The Oregon Voter Rights Coalition reported it

I then decided I would use Google to search specific news sources. That was unsuccessful. I then searched the specific news sources themselves (see below) for any stories about this GAO Report.

I was unable to find any reference in the following news sources about the GAO Report (if you can, email me or put something in the comment section):

-- The New York Times
-- The Los Angeles Times
-- The Wall Street Journal
-- The Washington Post
-- CNN


Hume's Ghost said...

Yep, and according to Brad Friedman of the Brad Blog, not a single wire service picked up on the story either. He posted about this at the Huffington Post in a post titled, Mainstream Media to American Democracy: Drop Dead!

Hume's Ghost said...

Here's the link