November 08, 2005

A Bush Out of Water

This little vignette helps us understand the rigidity and narrow-mindedness of President Bush. He is incapable of adapting. And I sense a serious level of social dysfunction in the way he handles himself in these kinds of situations. I believe he is uncomfortable and stressed around people who are unlike him -- white, rich, small-minded, parochial, and unsophisticated.

Poor President Bush. Over the weekend he was an American fish out of water trapped in an Argentinean nightmare.

During the first-leg of his four-day Latin America trip for a trade summit with Western Hemisphere leaders, Bush, normally fed by 7 and in his Doctor Dentons by 9pm and in dreamland shortly thereafter, was at the mercy of his foreign hosts who kept him out till--get this--12:40am Saturday.

As is the culture in Latin America and Europe, for example, dinner isn't typically served until at least 10pm. To say Bush was a bit miffed would be an understatement. As such, his aides announced that he'd of course be attending the next day's session, but would miss the scheduled two-hour lunch with these same leaders because of "time served" the night before. An early exit was planned to get Bush on Air Force One by 4:05 to get to his next destination, Brazil.

But again, poor Bush. The summit was a bit contentious and the talks ran three hours later than planned, and event organizers decided to cancel lunch. So there was the president, at 3:30pm, no lunch, stomach gurgling, miffed again, abruptly leaving to make his flight and leaving an aide behind to represent the U.S. And, leaving the rest of the gathered dignitaries wondering if the leader of the free world was simply a grumpy, hungry and tired old man.

Remember the famed Clinton all-nighters? Now there was a president.


From the Ostroy Report

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