November 15, 2005

14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism


Then tell me if you agree or disagree and, if you can spend a little time, why.


Angel, librarian and educator said...

Dang, they do fit every single one of the traits. Not only that, but I am sure you have already notice, how well they fit the regime of Big Brother in Ocenia, especially in the pointing out of enemies as a rallying point, the sexism, the mass media control, the national security, and on and on. The scary thing to me is not so much the regime, although that is scary enough. What is really scary is all the people who go along with it either because they buy into it without questioning or are simply too indifferent to do anything about it.

Hume's Ghost said...

That is from the most requested article in Free Inquiry's history.

And I do agree with the points. Bill Frist's recent comments about his disregard for what goes on behind the walls of our secret CIA prison system really brought home for me how bad things have gotten.

But perhaps even more staggering is the GAO's report finding that our electronic voting system is flawed and the media COMPLETELY disregarding this story.

In that post I linked to a Lewis Lapham article that was fairly scathing regarding America's fascist tendencies.