November 19, 2005

Bush's Heroes

Enigma4Ever has a piece on her blog, Watergate Summer, about George Bush's choices to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Whom he does and does not give it to are telling, revealing and just plain fun to think about, and Enigma's take on the whole matter is pointed, intelligent and humorous. So if you want to learn something and laugh at the same time (can't we all use alot more laughs these days?), read it! Her musings about who Bush might pick and how he did pick Andy Griffith are hysterical and worth the admission (which is free, by the way).

It is also worth visiting, as she recommends, Crook and Liars to see the video of Muhammad Ali giving Bush the cookoo sign (scroll down the page). We'll never know exactly what Ali meant by it, but it's fun imagining.

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