November 18, 2005

John Murtha's Plea

John Murtha's statement on Iraq, yesterday, in which he recommends announcing that we will leave Iraq has two salient points that are worth considering, whether you are Donald Rumsfeld or Cindy Sheehan. It does not matter, at this point, whether the invasion was right or wrong. What matters is that the Iraqi people do not want us in their country, and the longer we stay there with 160,000 troops, the longer the Iraqis, themselves, have no pressing motivation to take up the fight against the insurgency on their own. They simply have no incentive to do so while Americans are doing most of the fighting.

Murtha's statement is worth reading.


Ed Bremson said...

If anyone wants to see how we were misled into war in Iraq, check this story out. George W. Bush and all his henchmen ought to be confronted with the truth. Please, everyone, pass the truth along.

Hume's Ghost said...


When I read the transcript of Dick Cheney's speech denouncing Democrats for historical revisionism in the name of partisanship I was stupefied. The audacity of Cheney and this administration is staggering, and their contempt for truth and democractic prinicple is overwhelming.

I thought to myself, "if is anyone in Congress with any spine - D or R - they could easily respond to Cheney by crushing him under the weight of his own lies." Glad to see the "bulldog of science" Rep Waxman was up to the occasion.