October 19, 2005

Vice President McCain?

The rumors and backroom talk, some gossip, some likely true, are all at superheated levels. One email from a Democratic House staffer is worth reading.

This one email (read it!) predicts that Rove, Libby, and Hadley will be indicted. A senior aide to John Bolton could also be indicted. It guesses that Cheney also will be indicted, or probably has already been warned that he will be indicted. It says that Cheney's lawyers are already talking with prosecutors. Shades of Spiro Agnew. The email calls it "redmeat."

The email states flatly that Colin Powell revealed the information about Joe Wilson's wife Valerie Plame to two people, and two people only -- Bush and Cheney, on a flight on Air Force One.

The email suggests that John McCain and Lindsey Graham might be considered to replace Cheney.

Perhaps Bush will be indicted too, or perhaps he can't be indicted because he is President? Maybe Fitzgerald will say that he would be indicted if he were not President, which could lead the way to impeachment.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Tom Delay.

Will Frist be indicted next?

Various pro and con fractions within Republican ranks seem to be in a feeding frenzy on the issue of Harriet Miers.

Is this all good for us, for progressives, for the American people? I'm not sure. If I knew there was a strong Democratic Party allied with a strong progressive movement and trade union movement, I might feel more sanguine about all this. I guess what I am afraid of is that all these nitwits will be replaced by some really competent rightwingers, and then where will we be?

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jmcmaster said...

It is a shame that there are no real leaders in the democratic party. The time is ripe for someone to step in and put their ass on the line, but I doubt that will happen.