October 17, 2005

Miers and Roberts: The Corporatocracy's Wet Dream

The Christian Right , and some neo-cons, may have doubts about Harriet Miers, but I believe they have nothing to worry about. And I have explained why earlier.

Now the blogosphere and some mainstream media is saturated with stories about how both Harriet Miers and John Roberts are the corporate world's dream come true.

As practicing attorneys, each has a long history of working for corporate clients. David Sirota's blog outlines some of the mischief; Business Week describes how the corporate world will get "more days in court," implying positive days, of course; and The Washington Post gives voice to the ruling class (tip-of-the-hat to PJB), and they couldn't be more pleased (Miers has represented Microsoft and Disney, and Roberts has represented Fox).

The end result will be the opposite of a David Souter, I fear. These two ideologues will give everyone what they want. The Christian Right will be redeemed and the corporate world will be ecstatic. Miers and Roberts represent the best of the marriage of corporate America and the Christian Right, the political marriage that Karl Rove painstakingly arranged as part and parcel of the GOP/Bush ascendancy. Rove's legacy seems assured, even if he becomes a convicted felon.

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