October 25, 2005

Health Insurance as "Moral Hazard"

In what is probably the most cogent analysis of our health care system I have ever read, Malcolm Gladwell explains the "moral hazard" element used by health care economists to oppose universal health care insurance or a national health care plan. It is a piece from the August 29, 2005 issue of The New Yorker.

If you have ever wanted to understand the dilemma America faces with respect to our health care system, read this essay. I can't stress enough how important this piece is. It also happens to contain some of the most stunning facts about our health care system you will read anywhere, as well as some of the most disturbing comparisons of our system with the rest of industrialized world.

Get a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, find a quiet place, and read it.

Many thanks to Hume's Ghost for recommending it.


California Health Insurance said...

I dont think of health insurance being as a moral hazard but being a major impact on many lives. Many people lack health insurance and I hope we can solve this problem.

Blue Cross of California said...

I agree with Gladwell on his views of health insurance. He has many good perspectives and I learned much about health insurance.