October 08, 2005

Chickenlittles and Chickenhawks

George Bush is ankle-deep in doodoo of his own making. Ever notice that when he is in trouble, the chickenlittles and chickenhawks are let loose and we see more war success stories and more terror threat stories?

What to do, what to do?

On CNN, we have the we-are-winning-in-Iraq story, the terrorists are in trouble. In fact, they even admit they have lost Afghanistan. This "communication" the Pentagon claims it intercepted shows that we are winning and they are losing.

In the New York Times, we have the story about the terror threat to the New York subway. When the Bush administration is in trouble, their first tactical response is to scare the American people. Here's an excerpt from the story:

While not entirely dismissing it, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security described it as "specific yet noncredible," adding that the intelligence community had concluded that the information was of "doubtful credibility."

"Specific yet noncredible." "Doubtful credibility." This is our Department of Motherland Perils speaking. What they meant to say was that some policeman in Marseille who arrested a drunken Arab two nights ago heard him say he'd like to blow up all the infidels in the New York City subway if he could. His boss reported it to Inspector Clouseau, who immediately called someone at GOP headquarters in Washington, who called chickenhawk Scooter Libby, who told chickenhawk Dickey Cheney, and the rest is history. Voila, we have a specific, noncredible, doubtful credibility.

Do these people actually listen to themselves?

I do not want, in any way, to disparage or belittle the actual threat Americans are confronted with. I believe we will be hit again. The Bush politically motivated scare tactics are hurting America's preparedness for the real thing, rather than helping.


Nick in NYC said...

One thing that was encouraging yesterday, is that even with all the saturation of coverage of the "threat" to the NYC subways that soaked all national as well as local MSM last night, it was pretty clear that there was more than a little skepticism on the part of both reporters and the public. This is new - something we haven't seen in any of these types of scares since 9/11. The "scare the hell out of 'em till they forget what they see with their own eyes" spell is starting to lose its potency. Deep in doo doo he is indeed! The shrub who cried "Wolf", and his playmates, are clearly headed for a long overdue appointment in the woodshed!

Anonymous said...

You're right on the money! I just can't believe the rest of America can not see this! It's obviously a pattern with the Bush administration. Every time they're "under the microscope" for one of there many scandals, they throw up a smoke screen or a diversion. It's very unfortunate that the media falls for this scheme time and again! Jeb

nick in nyc said...

They will fall for it as long as they think that that is the most popular and ratings-upping thing for them to do. Eventually (soon I hope), when it becomes the fashionable, ratings boosting position to NOT do that anymore, all the sudden they will start questioning everything the admin. cooks up en masse. I, for one, can't wait!

I am truly not a big conspiracy buff, but I still can't help but wonder about that whole, deadly, horrible anthrax thing a few years ago. Funny - not one clue has ever been unearthed in that whole affair as to who did it. Of course these fine folks would NEVER engage in anything as sinister as that!