February 12, 2006

The Unending List of Bush Administration Perfidy

Peter Daou (hat-tip to The Daily Doubter) has a long list of stories just from last week that enumerates yet more examples of perfidy by the Bush administration.

Read Daou's take on all this. It's enough to make you get even angrier.

Will the Bush & Co. pay the piper come November? Will these unending indictments of their honesty and competence eventually come home to roost? Perhaps not. It will take a press that is unshackled and free to unravel the Gordian knot of lies, deception and misdeeds. It will take an electorate that will not be stampeded by fear-mongering and the threat of terror by administration that hides behind national defense and national security to obfuscate and prevaricate away its sins of commission and omission. It will take a conscious, reasoned program from the Democrats to provide the alternative.

The torrent of stories about the Bush administration's perfidy, almost told by the press as asides on some theater stage, will have no effect unless we continue to shout, ceaselessly, the truth about the emperor having no clothes.

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Hume's Ghost said...

I would like to see someone in the media truly connect the dots and put all this into a framework of how the administration works.

These stories pop up in the press as if they were independent isolated occurrences. They are not. The true picture is that all of this stuff stems from the way in which this administration conducts itself. You never see anyone on tv approach these scandals like that, though.

Then there's just the sheer incompetence of the coverage. For example, you see everyone trying to link Bush to Abramoff. What you don't see is the larger picture that Abramoff is a sympton of what the Bush administration has facilitated - partisan lobbying and an open door for lobbysts. Can the press not notice that the number of lobbysts has doubled since Bush took office?