February 05, 2006

Bono to Bush -- There's a Difference Between Charity and Justice

If ever there was a contrast in moral words and action, it was evident at the recent National Prayer breakfast attended by George Bush, where rock star Bono of U2 spoke for a little over 21 minutes about the difference between charity and justice.

In what were probably the strongest, most pointed, and yet, gentlest words George Bush has ever heard on the subject, Bono chastised him for simply not doing enough to help the poor, especially in Africa. He thanked Bush for his charity toward the poor, but he described the huge chasm that exists between what the poor actually need and what our response actually has been. He distinguished between the limits of charity and the need for real justice.

Here is what Bono asks Bush for:

"America gives less than 1% now.

We're asking for an extra 1% to change the world--to transform millions of lives - but not just that and I say this to the military men now - to transform the way that they see us.

1% is national security, enlightened economic self-interest, and a better, safer world rolled into one."

It is well worth reading or watching Bono's speech. Forget about religion, just take in his words from a humanitarian point of view. As humans, we cannot afford to continue down this path that ignores justice for the world's poor. It leads to disaster for us all.

You can read Bono's words at the link to Larry James site above, or follow the link Larry James has on his front page to the video of Bono's speech at CNN.

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