January 27, 2006

When Will American Women Stand Up for Peace?

Medea Benjamin asks in The Nation why American women are not front and center advocating for peace. Benjamon wants to know where the great tradition has gone of the "suffragettes who chained themselves to the White House fence for the right to vote;" where the women garment workers are "whose struggles for decent working conditions inspired the first International Women's Day in 1910;" where the women are who have "emulated Rosa Parks, risking their lives or livelihoods to confront the evils of racism."

Benjamin says: "Given their tradition of activism, why aren't American women today rising up against a government that dragged them into war with lies, that spies on their peaceful activities and diverts money from their children's schools or their mothers' nursing homes to pay for an immoral war?"

Perhaps we will find out where they are when they vote in November, late this year.

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MidlifeMutant said...

They are busy working 2 and 3 part times jobs because they can't get hired on full time with benefits.