January 23, 2006

Canada Emulating USA

Canada used to be the place that Americans fantasized moving to (some actually have done it) to get out of the way of the Radical Right juggernaut in this country. Now, they'll have to consider Ireland, or Sweden, or Colombia.

Canada's Liberal Party faces a major loss, and will be replaced by a Bush friendly Canadian leadership that wants to expand the Canadian military, fight crime, end liberal sin and corruption. Sounds like the US in 2000, huh? The Conservatives in Canada also want to cozy up alot more to Bush.

It will be interesting to see how big the Conservatives actually win in elections in Canada today.

Hurray for Canada....Karl Rove will, yet, teach you a thing or two about democracy.


Gustaaf-Fernand said...

Moving to Finland would be the best option I think. I'm convinced it's the best country to live in.

Kvatch said...

Moving to Finland would be the best option I think...

Let just reply to that with a single word: COLD! OK, one additional word: DARK!

Seriously though, there is one major difference that can put the kabosh on a canadian conservative agenda that seeks to reverse movements like gay marriage. Canada's Supreme Court is empowered to make law when Parliment refuses. If the canadian SC deems something to be against Canada's constitutional articles, then they can change the law or create new ones. Huge difference.