April 22, 2006

W and Hu in Group Therapy While Dick Sleeps

While Dick Cheney nodded off, and Rumsfeld studied the shine on his shoes, W and Hu apparently got along splendidly.

According to President (I am the Decider) Bush:

"He tells me what he thinks and I tell him what I think and we do so with respect." Doesn't that sound so cozy and group therapish? Dr. Phil would be proud.

I suspect neither one of them can stand being in the other's presence and there is about as much respect between the two of them as a cat has for a dog.

This photo below probably reflects the real feelings between the two more than any I could find. It is from the BBC and Getty Images.

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Dicky Neely said...

I saw a clip of this scene on TV but don't know what happened. Strange...