April 14, 2006

Two Nuggets from the Looney Bin

Charles Colson, convicted Watergate felon who schemed a cool Prison Ministries gig to rehabilitate himself, has now given us the cause of illegal immigration: abortion.

He says that if it were not for the "40 million" American workers (known as babies or fetuses, depending on your science) we have killed since 1973 -- the year women were given the right to choose -- we would have all these jobs that illegal immigrants are coming here for already filled with good, hard-working Americans who would gladly be picking our vegetables in the southern sun and sleeping in shacks stacked like cordwood.

In other words, all these south-of-the-border Roman Catholics are taking advantage of our abortion law to take low paying scut work that good American babies should have had. I can just imagine how all the mothers who chose to end their pregnancies are wishing their offspring were working like immigrant slaves cleaning our toilets and working the dirtiest and lowest paid jobs in America.

Continuing along the line of good Christian works on behalf of Christian immigrants, legal and illegal, we have the American Family Association leadership revealing their new theory of a conspiracy by the "mainstream media" to promote all the national immigrant rallies and demonstrations that have been happening as a way to strengthen the Democratic Party in the Red States.

On the April 10 broadcast of American Family Radio's AFA Report, American Family Association founder and CEO Don Wildmon, AFR news director Fred Jackson, and AFA Journal news editor Ed Vitagliano claimed the "mainstream media" have a "vested interest" in promoting recent nationwide immigrant rights rallies: to swell Democratic voter rolls and, ultimately, "to weaken the Red States."

Perhaps the "mainstream media" is simply reporting how the Democratic Party has a natural ally in the Hispanic community against the jackbooted Christians in the Republican Party? Just what are the Republican Christians doing to show how much they care about immigrant labor? Could it be that the Democratic Party has an opportunity to show its mettle and demonstrate to the world what it really means to be an American? Let's face it: if guys like Wildmon are whining that "these people" might make a difference in states like Florida, California and Texas, can we hope the Democrats take notice?


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Dicky Neely said...

Boy it just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser!