May 31, 2005

When a Story Is Not A Story

Yesterday I reported the AP story about the arrest of Muhsin Abd al-Hamid, the leader of the (Sunni) Iraqi Islamic Party. Juan Cole's Informed Comment blog has been reporting on it, along with the DailyKos. But the AP story has not been picked up by most of the "mainstream" media. It turns out that the US military did invade his home, rifle through his belongings and throw a black hood over his head....but it was all a mistake. Us military sources said today that they are releasing him, with no explanation other than it was a "mistake."

Two questions: what adverse effect has this had on US attempts to gain cooperation from moderate Sunni forces, and since when does the USA have the right to arrest Iraqi citizens (especially without a warrant)? Great example of how to run a democracy we are setting.

Iraq's President and Prime Minister have both expressed their strong anger and disappointment to the US about this flagrant action.

I can't find this story at CBS, NBC, ABC or Fox, or even BBC(!) but I found it at China's Xinhuan News Agency.


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