May 31, 2005

Dr. Strangelove and Mr. Bush

Star Wars is back, big time. And I am not talking about the movie series. I am talking about the space wars program of the American government. George Bush is hell bent to live out his own Strangelovian fantasies for weapons in space, in the same way he was hell bent on invading Iraq.

Despite the fact that the United States already controls virtually every category of space activity, from exploration to technology, from commercial use to military use, George Bush is pushing huge budget increases for Star Wars defensive and offensive weapons. According to the Center for Defense Policy, Pentagon and Air Force documents clearly lay out American designs for "space control."

Is there anyone, other than CEO's of space technology and defense contractors (and madhatters like Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney), who think this is a good idea? How can a new space weapons race be in the interest of the American people, much less the rest of humanity?

Don't be fooled by Administration reassurances that we have space treaties to abide by (like the Outer Space Treaty) and we won't be putting either defensive or offensive weapons in space in violation of those treaties. These reassurances mean about as much to the Bush administration as its reassurances that invading Iraq would only be a last resort. These are true believers. American hegemony in space is a sine qua non for them.


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