August 19, 2007

Like A Rat.....

If I were George Bush, I would be pretty ticked off at Karl Rove. After having his manipulative fingers in my brain for all these years, having led me into the morass of all my failures and disasters, I would be outraged that he would CUT and RUN before the end of my presidency. Like a rat from a sinking ship, Rove is leaving his doo-doo behind, his presidential Frankenstein drowning in the stinking stew of their mutual creation.

Karl Rove will wink on his way out the door, letting Bush and Cheney and the rest of us know that the joke is on us. He must be gulping hard, knowing that he won't have to be there at the end, waving to a thoroughly discredited George Bush slinking away on a helicopter out of Washington, headed back to his Texas ranch to continue to play his little boy cowboy games.

The disloyalty and cowardice of Karl Rove's decision is immensely disrespectful to Bush. It boggles my mind how none of his supporters view that way. Nevertheless, it does underscore how little respect he has actually had, all along, for Bush the man. And it certainly reflects the level of disrespect he has had for the American people throughout his dominion of fraud, trickery, lies and mercenary behavior.

All I can hope for is that justice will catch up with him as a private citizen.


Anonymous said...

Stephen! Back in the saddle I see? Is this a permanent return to blogging?

On the subject of Karl Rove, we honored his departure with a special cocktail hour last Friday.

Hume's Ghost said...

I have a hard time thinking that Rove is going to disappear from politics. I imagine he'll take a break and then saddle up for the '08 election.

Glad to see a post from you and hopefully you'll be blogging again.