September 04, 2006

What's Wrong With America

This horrible story from the Chicago Tribune about the deaths of six children in a fire caused by a candle is just one small example of what's wrong with America. Here we have an immigrant family that has had no electricity since May, much less smoke detectors, in one of our richest cities having to provide light by candle. This family is only one of so many in this country which don't have their basic needs met.

Think how much help we could have provided to our own people in America over the past several years with the hundreds of billions of dollars we have wasted in Iraq, so little of which has gone to the Iraqi people, so much of which has gone to the military-industrial complex.

What's wrong with America? All you have to do is examine the lives these six children were living, without basic needs, to find the answer.

Bush's phony war on terror in Iraq has amounted to a war on America.


Dicky Neely said...

Glad you are back. I haven't been blogging either because I am
unhappy with Blogger and Adsense. I have had a problem with them
and have had no explanation or response from them as far
reconciling my problems. I am looking for another blog host. I'll let you know when I find a suitable one for me.
As to your post, those people died, as have uncounted others,
because they are on the margins of society. They don't count to those
in power. The only ones who get attention from this administration
and from most local and state governments are the big wigs and fat cats that pay for the "best government that money can buy!"
We are having our battle here as to the shape of our future and the
disposition of public assets and the ones with deep pockets are smug in their confidence of victory.
This country will never develop a just, equitable society as long as
money, position and power are the measure of everything.
Low income people live with no electricity because they cannot
afford to pay their bills in their usually run down dwellings where
they are ripped off by slum lords.
All new development is in the form of ostentious, energy inefficient
"Mac-Mansions" and such which are springing up in suburbs and destroying the last undeveloped, natural settings left.
"Growth," the buzz word for all politiicans, is not the only available paradigm and we have to do some things, such as provide public utitlites and needs,whether it is profitable or not.

Dicky Neely said...

I am still having trouble with Blogger! I tried to fix the above post and correct a misspelling or two but it didn't work!
Aarrrgh! OK, I am Ok.....!
See ya

Mimi said...

Welcome back--I've been checking every day for your stuff. It's heartbreaking that children in Chicago die because of our government's indifference, and that children in Iraq die because of our government's savage determination to--what? I'm still not clear on what the real objective is, but helpless people suffer on and on.