December 29, 2005

The Language of Deceit

Agape Press (Reliable News from a Christian Source) has a story about a South Carolina education oversight panel that has "moved to modify four biology teaching guidelines in an effort to balance schools' teaching of evolution by introducing a broader range of scientific viewpoints."

The story is replete with the language of deceit about this issue of evolution, the proper Christian viewpoint evident in every subtle phrase and deceptive objection.

All we are asking for is a balanced viewpoint, all we seek is openness, all we want is people to be willing to discuss different perspectives -- it all sounds so fair and American and reasonable.

Listen to the words:

"broader range of scientific viewpoints;"

"criticism and analytical questioning ;"

"stimulate more discussion and debate;"

"to encourage the classroom teacher, through the curriculum, to be more rigorous and more relevant and to critically analyze information ;"

"full ranger of scientific views."

Sounds good, doesn't it? It sounds so, hmmm, balanced and fair.

I propose, yet again, that we make this offer to the agents of Christian totalitarian thought: we will open up scientific teaching in public schools about evolution to include the optional view on intelligent design if you, likewise, open all Christian schools and Biblical teachings to the scientific teaching of evolution.

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enigma4ever said...

touche....and anytime I hear the words balanced "fair" or "balanced", I gringe and gag...good post...

Dover : ) was quite a kick in their shorts....oh well.